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3D Xbox 360 Games List

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Last Updated: January 9, 2013

This is the most comprehensive list of stereoscopic 3D Xbox 360 games available. We have sifted through many announcements, rumours, tweets and discussions, verified release dates (past and future dates, including 3D patch dates where applicable), and hunted down the official websites.

3D Xbox 360 Games Available Now
Future 3D Xbox 360 Games
Unconfirmed 3D Xbox 360 Games

Release dates are the latest announced. Release dates and availability of games and demo's vary between regions. XBLA = Xbox Live. Most 3D games on the Xbox 360 are non-native 3D. A HDMI connection is recommended (and sometimes required). The 3D modes are listed where known. Games marked with ex are console exclusive in 3D for the Xbox 360.

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3D Review Score

Each game we review is scored out of 10 based on a comprehensive rating criteria focused on the 3D experience presented in the game.

3D quality marks are awarded for high quality games as follows:

Excellent: 8.5 or greater 3D Tested Rating: Excellent
Very Good: 7.5 or greater 3D Tested Rating: Very Good
Good: 7.0 or greater 3D Tested Rating: Good

3D Xbox 360 Games Available Now

Total Games: 46

Name 3D Review Score Official Website 3D Release Date Comments
The Adventures of Tintin:
  The Secret of the Unicorn
7.0 3D Tested Rating: Good December 6, 2011 Kinect support
3D Infinity ex 6.5 April 15, 2010 Side-by-side (3DTV), red/blue anaglyph (2DTV). XBLA Only. Demo available
3D-struction ex November 17, 2011 Multiple 3DTV formats, red/cyan and green/magenta anaglyph (2DTV), glasses-free cross-eyed (2DTV). XBLA Only. Demo available
Air Conflicts: Secret Wars (EU) July 8, 2011 (US) August, 2011
Assassins Creed:
5.5 November 15, 2011 Half-resolution (3DTV) and TriOviz INFICOLOR (2DTV)
Assassins Creed III October 30, 2012  
Attack of the Movies 3-D ex May 18, 2010 Red/blue anaglyph (2DTV)
Avatar: The Game 7.0 3D Tested Rating: Good December 1, 2009 Multiple 3DTV formats
Batman: Arkham Asylum
  (GOTY Edition)
5.5 March 26, 2010 TriOviz INFICOLOR (2DTV)
Batman: Arkham City 6.0 October 18, 2011 Native 3D (3DTV) and TriOviz INFICOLOR (2DTV)
Battle: Los Angeles ex March 11, 2011 Top-Bottom (3DTV). Demo available
Call of Duty: Black Ops 5.0 November 9, 2010 Side-by-side (3DTV)
Call of Duty: Black Ops II November 13, 2012  
Captain America: Super Soldier July 19, 2011 Side-by-side and Top-bottom (3DTV), TriOviz INFICOLOR (2DTV)
Crysis 5.0 October 4, 2011 XBL only
Crysis 2 5.0 March 22, 2011 Side-by-side (3DTV). Demo available
de Blob 2: The Underground 7.0 3D Tested Rating: Good February 22, 2011 Side-by-side (3DTV)
The Dishwasher:
  Vampire Smile ex April 6, 2011 XBLA only. Red/blue anaglyph (2DTV). Demo available
Doom 3 BFG Edition (US) October 16, 2012 (EU) October 19, 2012
Dynasty Warriors 7 (JP) March 10, 2011 (US) March 29, 2011, (EU) April 1, 2011
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West 5.5 November 29, 2010 2D version released October 5, 2010. $10 3D DLC pack. Multiple 3DTV formats and TriOviz INFICOLOR (2DTV)
Fez ex April 13, 2012 Stereoscopic mode unlock (collect all 64 cubes)
G-Force 4.0 July 21, 2009 Red/blue anaglyph (2DTV)
Gears of War 3 ex 5.5 September 20, 2011 Side-by-side (3DTV)
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (US) May 22, 2012 (EU) May 25, 2012
Green Lantern:
  Rise of the Manhunters
5.0 June 7, 2011 Side-by-side (3DTV) and TriOviz INFICOLOR (2DTV)
Halo: Combat Evolved
  Anniversary ex November 15, 2011 Top-Bottom (3DTV)
Happy Feet Two 6.5 November 8, 2011  
Invincible Tiger:
  The Legend of Han Tao
7.0 3D Tested Rating: Good August 27, 2009 XBLA only. Demo available. Multiple 3DTV formats
Kinect Star Wars ex April 3, 2012 Requires kinect
Madden NFL 11 October 25, 2010 Red/blue anaglyph (2DTV). Unlock code enables 3D mode
Mayhem 3D March 29, 2011 Red/blue anaglyph (2DTV)
NBA 2K11 January 16, 2011 2D version October 5, 2010. Free 3D patch January 16, 2011
NBA 2K12 October 4, 2011  
NBA 2K13 (US) October 2, 2012 (EU) October 5, 2012
Shaun White Skateboarding October 28, 2010 Multiple 3DTV formats
Silent Hill: Downpour March 13, 2012  
Sine Mora ex March 21, 2012 XBLA only
Skate 2 January 21, 2009 Red/blue anaglyph (2DTV). Cheat code unlocks 3D mode
Sonic Generations 5.5 November 3, 2011  
Super Hang-On 2.5 May 22, 2012 XBLA only. Part of the Sega Ages Online series
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 September 11, 2012  
Thor: God of Thunder April 28, 2011 Side-by-side (3DTV) and TriOviz INFICOLOR (2DTV)
Top Spin 4 4.0 March 15, 2011  
Two Worlds II: Pirates of the
  Flying Fortress ex September 27, 2011  
Warriors Orochi 3 March 20, 2012  

Future 3D Xbox 360 Games

Total Games: 3

These games have been officially announced, demoed, or mentioned by an official source.

Name Official Website 3D Release Date Comments
Naruto Shippuden:
  Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Q2, 2013  
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 January 15, 2013  
SSX: Deadly Descents TBA 2D release (US) February 28, 2012, (EU) March 2, 2012. 3D support was planned but not included in the initial release.

Unconfirmed Xbox 360 3D Games

Total Games: 4

These games have been rumoured to be, expected to be, or hinted to be in 3D though no official announcements have (yet) been made.

Name Official Website 3D Release Date Comments
BioShock Infinite October 16, 2012 Will be 3D on PS3
Crysis 3 February, 2013 Crysis 3 will support 3D on the PS3
Devil’s Third Q1, 2013 Devs considering 3D – very likely
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit TBA 2D version released November 16, 2010. 3D was planned but may not eventuate