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The Last of Us – Pittsburgh Location

The yellow bridge featured in the gameplay demos and screenshots of The Last of Us quickly drew attention when several people speculated that it was one of the many bridges of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In researching the story in The Last of Us for an upcoming in-depth article we did a little remote scouting via Google Maps and uncovered the exact location of several of the buildings featured in one of the main screenshots.

Bridge and Buildings

The ambush and fancy hotel sections of the game, shown in sequence in our To The City trailer mashup, are set in a re-modelled Pittsburgh as the location of the buildings has been altered for presentation within the game.

Which Bridge?

The actual bridge depicted above is Fort Duquesne Bridge, identified on the sign in the screenshot taken from the gameplay demos.

The Last of Us images copyright SCEA. Photographic images copyright Google Inc.


  1. It was stated back at E3 that TLOU footage was in Pittsburg but recently on the side mission podcast with Nate Wells he actually said that the game is based in other cities too.
    You should check out the podcast on Gametrailers, Nate Wells moved recently from Irrational Games to Naughty Dog also.

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