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Wipeout HD 3D Photo Gallery

Wipeout HD 3D Photo Gallery

May 18, 2012

Here are a selection of stereoscopic 3D photos that we’ve taken in Wipeout HD using the photo mode in race replays. You can download and display them on your 3DTV to get a feel of how good the 3D really is in Wipeout HD. All photos are in 3D at 720p.


Each image below links to the 3D MPO file. Right-click and Save target as or Save file as (not Save image as) to download each MPO file. They may look like a JPEG image to your browser so make sure you download and save them and not view them directly.



There are a few ways to view these images:

  • Copy the MPO files to a USB memory stick, plug it into your 3DTV and use the TV’s media player.
  • Copy the MPO files to a PICTURE folder on a USB memory stick, plug it into a PlayStation 3 console connected to your 3DTV and either A] import into PlayMemories or B] view through the Photo menu.
  • View on a 3D monitor connected to your computer using the NVIDIA 3D Vision Photo Viewer or another 3D photo viewing tool.


  1. Gilbert /

    Hi guys and btw thanks for the amazing website. Being a great fan of 3D especially in gaming you have made me discover many amazing titles in fact although I owned only an Xbox I purchased a PS3 as well after going over those amazing lists of games you put together.

    I have a little question though and I don’t know if you could help me. I have the Wipeout demo and although it looks stunning during gameplay I can’t seem to view my saved photos outside the game in 3D. My PS3 gives me the option to view them in 3D from the sony picture viewer and my TV even recognizes it as a 3D output yet the image is obviously 2D… Thanks a bunch regardless of whether you can help me or not!

    • admin /

      Thanks for the feedback.

      The MPO images created by Wipeout HD do not strictly conform to the MPO standard. Check that the extension is .mpo instead of .jpg and use a tool such as Stereo Photo Maker to open and save the images in the correct format.

      • Gilbert /

        Allright, thanks a bunch that gives me a lead at least, I’ll check it out!

        BTW I just saw that God of War III might be in 3D in the new “saga” collection can you guys confirm this (I didn’t see it on the PS3 list but this is EXCITING NEWS!!!)? Oh and is there a way to keep track of the changes in the 3D game lists? I was trying use an RSS Feed but couldn’t find any… thanks again!

        • Gilbert /

          Nevermind about the 3D in God of War III… I just read it off the official playsation blog that it was a typo :(… I’ll have to wait for Ascension!

  2. Julianx2rl /

    I am viewing them from a 3ds xl and they look awesome

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