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GT5 3D Photo Gallery

GT5 3D Photo Gallery

Apr 12, 2012

Here are a selection of stereoscopic 3D photos that we’ve taken in Gran Turismo 5 using the photo mode in race replays and photo travel mode. You can download and display them on your 3DTV to see the amazing depth and graphics. Note that these are not representative of gameplay – GT5 renders 3D photos in high detail at 1080p but actual 3D gameplay is rendered at a lower quality at 720p (but still looks amazing).


Each image below links to the 3D MPO file. Right-click and Save target as or Save file as (not Save image as) to download each MPO file. They may look like a JPEG image to your browser so make sure you download and save them and not view them directly.




There are a few ways to view these images:

  • Copy the MPO files to a USB memory stick, plug it into your 3DTV and use the TV’s media player.
  • Copy the MPO files to a PICTURE folder on a USB memory stick, plug it into a PlayStation 3 console connected to your 3DTV and either A] import into PlayMemories (1080p viewing) or B] view through the Photo menu (720p viewing).
  • View on a 3D monitor connected to your computer using the NVIDIA 3D Vision Photo Viewer or another 3D photo viewing tool.


  1. Gilbert /

    It seems as though the first picture’s link doesn’t work anymore… great pictures though! Thanks a bunch!

  2. Thanks, link fixed!

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