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3D Review: Wipeout HD

3D Review: Wipeout HD

Jan 6, 2011


Some good 3D effects enhance the sci-fi racing experience.

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3D Tested Rating: Good
Last Updated: May 21, 2012


Few PSN titles have as much of a cult status as Wipeout HD. As an ultra high-speed futuristic racer beginners can easily be turned away but stick with it and master the controls and you’ll be back again and again. As one of four 3D launch titles on the PS3, the original 2D version running at a dynamic resolution up to Full-HD 1920x1080p at 60 frames per second was given a free update adding a 3D mode of 1280x720p at 30 frames per second. Unfortunately it seems that not quite enough performance could be gathered to remove the often noticeable screen tearing, leading to increased eye-strain and ultimately some reduced game time.

The hovering spacecraft, twisting tracks and city buildings are full of vector art and textures (necessary to provide depth cues) that are easy to view in 3D and draw your eye into the distance. The depth is very noticeable in straight sections of track but the frequent loops and turns, speed of gameplay and limited pop-out graphics limit the 3D wow factor.

Beginners may find it slightly easier to master in 3D as turns are easier to judge. The ability to export 3D gameplay photos is a nice touch.

Title: Wipeout HD
3D Release Date: June 10, 2010
Genre: Racing
Platforms: PS3
Format: PSN download. Demo available. Free 3D update.
Official Site:
General Reviews: Metacritic, IGN

3D Tested Ratings

Our ratings focus purely on the technical and subjective 3D elements of the game. For story, gameplay, sound, value for money and other details consult the above general game reviews.

Criteria Score Comments
Resolution 8/10 Full 1280x720p with bountiful clean lines
Frame Rate 7/10 Locked at 30 frames per second. Screen tearing is often evident
Graphical Detail 8.5/10 A stunning futuristic setting with abundant texture and lighting
3D Depth 16/20 Great in places but somewhat limited in others
3D Settings 3.5/5 20 depth levels with limited live preview. No in-game setting
Extra Features 1/5 3D photo mode with export as mpo image
Projection & Crosstalk -2 Surprisingly little considering the vector nature of the graphics
Total 42.0/60


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Wipeout HD: 3D Mode Selection
Select 3D mode when the game is started
Wipeout HD: 3D Options
Adjust the 3D depth of field
Wipeout HD: Gameplay
A brilliant futuristic environment

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