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3D Review: Gran Turismo 5

3D Review: Gran Turismo 5

Jan 6, 2011


Compelling use of 3D in a realistic environment with some welcome extras.

3D Review Score:


3D Tested Rating: Excellent

Last Updated: May 21, 2012


One of the most highly anticipated PlayStation 3 games of all time Gran Turismo 5 largely lives up to expectations, but how is it in 3D?

Firstly, with such detailed cars and environments GT5 pulls off an amazing feat, achieving full 1280x720p in 3D with 2x anti-aliasing at a varying rate of 30-60 frames per second. Winding down a dirt track between mountains, weaving between buildings, and racing through rolling hills in lush country, several tracks look abolutely stunning in 3D and totally immerse you in the game, particularly when combined with a force-feedback steering wheel and pedals.

In 2D GT5 runs at 1280x1080p (hardware upscaled to 1920x1080p) at 50-60 fps and it seems Polyphony Digital has squeezed just about every drop of performance out of the PS3. Usually, 3D at 1280x720p requires more horsepower than 2D at 1280x1080p, evident in the lower resolution and drop in frame rate, but there appears to be no compomise on graphical detail. There are some amazingly realistic locations and vehicles, set in different weather conditions and times of the day, and reflections, sun glare, dust, dirt, snow, rain, smoke and directional lighting add to the impressive list of environmental and particle effects that enhance the realism.

Two-player split-screen in 3D, 3D replays, a 3D photo mode, and head tracking using the PS Eye camera are icing on the cake.

Unfortunately it is not all good news. Some scenes (perhaps pre-rendered) shown in the menus are unwatchable in 3D due to excessive parallax (separation of the images for each eye) and crosstalk (ghosting). Certain in-game scenes such as the post-race pit-crew and NASCAR tutorial are also difficult to watch. There’s a moderate amount of in-game crosstalk, though with some fine tuning of parallax and convergence most can be eliminated with a decent amount of 3D depth retained, however the 3D settings for cockpit and external views need to be quite different but only one configuration can be set in the game options. If two sets of options were provided and the parallax reduced in the menu scenes there would be little to detract from this otherwise stellar 3D game.

Title: Gran Turismo 5
3D Release Date: November 24, 2010
Genre: Racing
Platforms: PS3
Format: Blu-ray disc
Official Site:
General Reviews: Metacritic, IGN

3D Tested Ratings

Our ratings focus purely on the technical and subjective 3D elements of the game. For story, gameplay, sound, value for money and other details consult the above general game reviews.

Criteria Score Comments
Resolution 8.5/10 Full 1280x720p with 2x QAA anti-aliasing
Frame Rate 8.5/10 Typically 30-60 frames per second, some infrequent screen tearing but usually unnoticeable
Graphical Detail 10/10 Realistic country, urban and track-side scenery, dust/dirt/snow/rain/smoke, lights
3D Depth 18.5/20 Setting convergence at around 0.9 provides great depth and reaonable pop-out
3D Settings 4/5 10 levels of parallax and 100 levels of convergence. No real-time preview. Separate settings required for cockpit and external views
Extra Features 4/5 Split-screen two player 3D. 3D replays. 3D photo mode. Head-tracking
Projection & Crosstalk -1.5 Crosstalk mostly evident in cockpit view but multiple 3D settings allow it to be reduced. Occasional window violations
Total 52/60


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3DTV Mode Settings

Enable 3D mode and adjust parallax and convergence

Preview cars in stunning 3D

3D (MPO) file selection in photo mode

High quality photos in travel mode

Stunning action photos in replay mode

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  1. HandSolo /

    Nice review – just what i was looking for. Got a new passive 3D passive TV so hoping the ghosting isnt too much of an issue. I saw a demo of GT5 in the store on the 3D TV and i couldn’t believe how good it looked.

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